In a stakeholder-led catchment planning processes we work together to develop a common understanding of the current and future issues affecting environmental health of the catchment. We can also work to identify what needs to be done and where it should be delivered to a create healthy, functional ecosystem that deliver the optimal blend of benefits that they want and need now and in the future. Having developed a targeted and tailored plan of what needs to done and where in a catchment, we then need to go and deliver catchment management interventions that will achieve the best possible environmental and economic benefits for all of the interested parties.

The pioneering Water Company-funded catchment managment programme

CSF delivers practical solutions and targeted support to reduce diffuse water pollution.

an integrated approach to management across all of the land United Utilities own.

Wessex Water's award winning catchment management initiative.

Environmental Stewardship is a land management scheme.

Linking Environment And Farming

Designed to reduce the environmental impact of the use of pesticides.

Established to create joined up and resilient ecological networks at a landscape scale.

Culm grassland restoration work.

Reconnecting areas of land that were formally fragmented.

A 4 year Environment Agency led climate change adaptation project.

Helps governments and businesses work together to better manage water.

A new manure management application.

A programme which will restore natural habitats and reduce the risk of flooding.

Removing invasive species from thw Camel catchment.

Removing Invasive species from the Tweed Catchment.

Restoring & Managing Wetlands Using Native Eurasian Beavers

Protects streams and rivers from pollution.

How to design and install efficient SuDS.

An inspiring vision of Sheffield’s rivers.

An environmental regeneration project.

Rivers Involving People, Places and Leading by Example
Removing nutrients directly from sewage treatment works effluent. 
Training volunteers to carry out walkover surveys, habitat surveys, water quality sampling and kick sampling.

Community partnership to ensure long term solutions for the River Keer in Lancashire

There are three CaBA for WR case studies plus a summary poster.

Using wet woodland to address water quality failures 

Natural Flood Management - Open Competition


A 7 step guide to developing a Natural Flood Management Scheme.

Outputs from a series of knowledge sharing workshops on flood risk management.

Natural Flood Management - A Practical Guide for Farmers


The Catchment-Based Approach website is designed to showcase the work of catchment partnerships aross England and Wales and to encourage the sharing and adoption of best practice in stakeholder-led catchment managment planning, delivery and evaluation.


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