A number of research projects have now been able to demonstrate that an empowered catchment area partnership comprised of diverse stakeholders and technical specialists from in and around a catchment, can be responsible for coordinating the planning, funding and delivery of good ecological health for that river and its catchment. They have also shown us that an integrated stakeholder-driven assessment of a catchment will we be enable us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges we face and, following this, to develop a strategic, targeted, balanced and therefore cost-effective catchment management intervention plan.

An on-line campaign helping people engage with River Basin Management

Arts and Humanities Research Council Connected-Communities Project

A social enterprise building connections between the communities along rivers

Explores better ways to engage with people to improve the environment

Safeguarding the future of the Eden’s rivers and lakes.

Love Your River Coventry is a pilot project that addresses urban diffuse pollution.

An app designed to gather feedback as people photograph the landscape.

Improving the health of East London's River Lea

Working together with local stakeholders for a healthier river Wear

Thames River Watch is a citizen science project which aims to improve our understanding of the health of the tidal Thames.

Each community can be inspired and enabled to look after its own catchment.

The River Wiki consolidates river restoration case studies from all over Europe.

To build capacity and resilience within the CaBA family.

A practical guidance document designed to help deliver informal engagement events

Ketso offers a structured way to run a workshop.

A fantastic, interactive method of getting children excited about nature.

A simple project where yellow fish are painted next to drains.

 Guide to Social Media.

Harnessing the sciences to help and promote sustainable rural development.

Volunteer scheme to spot & report pollution.

Guide to Stakeholder Analysis.

Guide to engaging parish councils and local community groups.

Rivers Involving People, Places and Leading by Example
Guidance and training resources for Local Authorities.
Improving volunteer and catchment partnership knowledge to identify barriers to fish passage.
A citizen science project on a small west London river combining Riverfly, phosphorous and outfall monitoring.
Community-based monitoring and modelling project using citizen science.
Supporting the Anglers' Riverfly Monitoring Initiative across the Upper Lea, Colne and South Chilterns catchments.
Training volunteers to carry out walkover surveys, habitat surveys, water quality sampling and kick sampling.
A campaign to collect 1,000 water samples from the Thames River Basin in a single day.
Supporting community groups to take ownership of a waterway.

Community partnership to ensure long term solutions for the River Keer in Lancashire

Using citizen science to reduce the impact of urban pollution upon rivers
Improving polluted urban rivers with better evidence and community engagement.

A 7 step guide to developing a Natural Flood Management Scheme.

Reconnecting people with their river


The Catchment-Based Approach website is designed to showcase the work of catchment partnerships aross England and Wales and to encourage the sharing and adoption of best practice in stakeholder-led catchment managment planning, delivery and evaluation.
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