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  3. Tuesday, June 27 2017, 02:29 PM
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Rivers Trust 2017 Fisheries Conference – Agenda released

Join THE RIVERS TRUST onThursday 20th July – 21st Julyfor theRivers Trust 2017 Fisheries Conferenceheld at WWF’s Living Planet Centre in Woking, Surrey.

The Fisheries Conference aims to provide a forum for discussion and networking for local Rivers Trust staff working in all aspects of fisheries management and fisheries science. It is a chance to showcase investigations, projects and partnership working throughout the aquatic environment.

There will be two days of talks and presentations (Read full draft agenda here). Lunch will be provided on the second day and there will be a buffet provided on Thursday evening to carry out some serious networking!

On day 1 you will learn about:

  • Running a successful fisheries monitoring programme
  • Transitional and Coastal fisheriesmonitoring
  • Restoring a recovering salmon river
  • ‘Unlocking the Severn’
  • Challenges in delivering weir removal projects
  • The EnvironmentAgency Fisheries Improvement Programme

And we’ve lined up the following talks and discussions for day 2:

  • Can Atlantic Salmon eggs adapt to oxygen stress?
  • Novel design, installation and assessment of coarse fish passage using Low Cost Baffle solution at a gauging station
  • Your Fisheries – An Introduction
  • Your Fisheries – Tamar Fisheries Plan
  • Your Fisheries, BART experiences
  • Angling Passport Schemes
  • An open discussion on the future of fisheries delivery in the Rivers Trust movement.

We hope to see you there!

Download the full agenda hereorbook now.

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