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  1. Geoff Roberts
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  3. Wednesday, August 09 2017, 01:46 PM
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Earlier this year I was appointed to the Yorkshire RFCC and have started to realise just how big an opportunity exists for seeking multiple outcomes from flood risk management schemes. The current 6 year programme for Yorkshire alone consists of ca 450 project and this year's spend will be ca. £100 million. There are (currently) disappointingly few schemes with environmental benefits identified and so I have been pushing both the flooding and enviroment teams at the EA, a well as our catchment partners, to look at the list and see what we might be able to cook up.

The flooding teams have certain specified outcomes that count towards their funding and I have attached a recent briefing note explaining an extension of the OM4s (the Outcome Measures realting to environment) that you might find interesting/useful.

For the record I am also suggesting that they go even beyond these measures - just because they do not have to report other environmental benefits does not mean that they cannot!

I would be interested to now if other Catchment Hosts have managed to hook into the flooding programme and what success (or not) you may have had in identifying additional benefits.

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Ruth Accepted Answer
Hi Geoff, we are in the early stages of planning NFM measures as part of one of the large NFM schemes from Defra upsstream of Leicester. We are keen to maximise the enrionmental beneftis of interventions that get deliveryed, and are currently developing a series of monitoring teamplates to help us try and evaluate what the changes are compared to the situation before. Its quite a tall order in reality as if not careful, the montirong of other benefits could cost more than actually delivering the intervention. I'm keen to discuss this with others that are in a similar situation and perhaps share thinking, resources etc. Thanks Ruth Needham, Trent Rivers Trust
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