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  3. Wednesday, August 16 2017, 11:14 AM
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Topsoil Project Officer

Salary dependent upon job fit and experience. Fixed-term contract until 29th February 2020

Interviews will be held in August at a date to be confirmed

An appointment will be made as soon as practicable

About the Role

The role has become available due to the present incumbent's relocation to New Zealand

The project has been operating since November 2015 and will complete in February 2020

You will continue the collation of existing large data sets for, and collection of field work data from, several waterbodies; investigating the sources and pathways of pollutants into surface waters and soils, further potential pathways by which surface pollutants may impact on groundwater quality and for groundwater pollutants to affect the surface.

You will continue the development of innovative communication of land and water management options, designed to disrupt pollution pathways, protecting and improving ground and surface water quality, communicating results to specialist and generalist audiences using an innovative GIS-based approach.

You will work closely with Durham University PhD students, their academic supervisors, the Northumbrian Water "Managing Uncertainty" programme and the Environment Agency Groundwater Team acting as co-ordinator/facilitator between these and wider catchment partners, particularly Local Authorities.

You will produce a final report setting out partners' technical understanding of surface water - groundwater interactions with recomended practical mitigation measures for the study areas and for wider application.

The role requires overseas and UK travel to attend and present at Topsoil partnership meetings and workshops.

About the Project

"Top soil and water - The climate challenge in the near subsurface" comprises 16 projects with a total of 23 beneficiary organisations over 5 countries. The Wear Topsoil project is led by the Wear Rivers Trust with two co-beneficiaries, Durham University and Northumbrian Water, supported by the Environment Agency.

Wear Topsoil is investigating relationships between surface land and water management in a number of pilot areas and their underlying ground waterbodies. The context is increasing urbanisation, waste water management, surface water flood risk and climate change, historical industrial contamination including mining, landfill and significant water abstraction to supply large mainly urbanised populations.

Investigation results will be communicated through the Catchment Based Approach via the Wear Catchment Partnership to develop holistic solutions to accomodate competing pressures to inform Local Authority, Water Company and Environmental strategies, priorities and partnership projects.

About You

You will have the necessary scientific background and experience to support, interpret and co-ordinate research and investigations with different distinct drivers, drawing these independent strands into a cohesive project framework.

The key to this Project is building Partners' understanding of opportunities and risks which will influence urban and rural land and water management priorities and practices. You will be an excellent communicator, with influencing skills, to be a team member, but capable of operating independently with the determination to achieve agreed oblectives.

Please send cv and covering letter to:

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