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  3. Wednesday, June 03 2015, 08:40 AM
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Welcome to the CaBA Discussion Forum

You will need to REGISTER here before you can post - very quick and also easy to get a username/pwd reminder if you forget.

Use the search, category or tag views to find what you need, or post a question for the forum if you can't find the answer.
We moved much of the content from the old forum across manually so it may look like all the posts are from a few of us in the support team, but we've included the original contributor's username in the message.

Email call01392 248 365if you have any technical problems with accessing or posting on the forum.

Here are a couple of pointers to get you started:

1. Click categoriesin the toolbar above to browse sub-forums
2. Click tags in the toolbar or use the search box to find posts on specific topics
3. To post a topic click Ask a Question above, or New Post in any category
4. Add tags to your post to help others find your message
5. To receive email updates when new topics or replies are posted click the subscribe icon above, or you can subscribe to individual categories or topics

Please let us have your feedback and do share with your colleagues and encourage them to join the discussion.

Best regards,

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Geoff Roberts Accepted Answer

I just tried to use the Tags to find relevant documents. The problem was that they appeared in some 'random' order - is it possible to sort them alphabetically?

And another trivial thing but...when I am logged in, the 'Login' text at the top right still says 'LOGIN', could it be changed so that it says something different 'LOGOUT' when I am logged in?

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Michelle Walker Accepted Answer

Hi Geoff

I'm afraid it's not possible to sort the tags in alphabetical order with the current web platform, but we are hoping to develop a 'new improved' CaBA website later this year, so we'll include both of these requirements in the future design if possible.

Thanks for your feedback,

Best regards,

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