Organisation: University of Manchester
Location: National
Type: Tools & approaches

Ketso means ‘action’ in Lesotho, where it was invented. It has been refined over two decades of action research with communities across the globe. With Ketso everyone can participate and be more creative.
Ketso offers a structured way to run a workshop, using re-useable coloured shapes to capture everyone's ideas, and is unique in that each part is designed to act as a prompt for effective engagement.
Ketso is for anyone who needs or wants to get great results from working with a group of people. These groups might be large (e.g. a consultation with a hundred participants) or small (e.g. a focused meeting with three people).

  • Ketso is great if you want to:
  • Work in groups (meetings, workshops, etc)
  • Make effective and productive use of people's time
  • Engage with others (e.g. stakeholders)
  • Support collaboration, learning or creativity
  • Turn talk into action

Ketso is accessible to virtually anyone and is particularly useful for people who need to work together on an issue or plan within a limited time frame. Ketso helps everyone to be a more effective facilitator and extends the capacity and speed of those who already run successful workshops.
Ketso is not just a re-usable ‘workshop in a bag’. It comes with a growing range of free, open-source support resources, including workshop plans that you can customise to suit your needs. With Ketso you have decades of practical research and experimentation at your fingertips.


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