Our River Wear

Organisation: Wear Rivers Trust, Durham Wildlife Trust, Groundwork NE & Durham County Council
Location: Wear Catchment
Type: Case Study

The Lower Wear pilot (through a collaboration between the EA and Durham University) undertook a study to evaluate different approaches to engage local stakeholders and to develop an understanding of their priorities for the catchment the values people derive from it and the barriers they perceived to enjoying the river environment and becoming involved in its management.
Following this pilot, the partnership wrote a joint plan for working together for a healthier river Wear. The plan focuses on the lower part of the river and its tributaries. It is the product of a unique initiative to bring together people, communities and organisations that all have a connection with the river and care about its future. It has been made possible through the formation of a partnership of passionate and enthusiastic people who have developed this plan and a vision to work towards:  "By 2020 Durham's rivers will run clear, teeming with wildlife and enjoyed by all."
Our River Wear is an educational and engaging website that urges people to value and enjoy the River Wear and everything it has to offer.


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