Rate My View

Organisation: South Devon ANOB
Location: National
Type: Tools & approaches
Rate my View has been developed by the South Devon AONB in partnership with Plymouth University as part of the Cordiale project. It is designed to gather pictures and feedback from people as they photograph the protected landscape.
The app, which is free, and available on both Apple and Android platforms, automatically uploads pictures taken on smartphones or tablets to the Rate my View website. It uses GPS technology to pinpoint the users location and make sure they are in or near the AONB area, even detecting the direction the person is facing.
Users then rate their view by giving it between 0 and 5 stars; and submit words or short phrases that sum up their view. This could include landscape features “network of Devon hedgebanks”, qualities “tranquil”, feelings “inspiring”, events “battered by waves” and much more.
Roger English, Project Officer at South Devon AONB, said: “The app’s simple nature enables a participative approach to collecting, sharing and understanding a range of public perceptions of local landscapes in and around the South Devon AONB. We’re hoping that over time it will enable us to build up a picture of how the AONB is perceived.”
Dr John Martin, of the University’s School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, said: “The app helps to burrow into public perceptions, finding out what people really think about the area’s coast, estuaries, countryside and villages. Over time, with the changing of the seasons, and as change takes take effect it will enable us to better understand how we view our landscapes and discover what we particularly value.”
The South Devon AONB is one of 46 AONBs in the country, and stretches from Brixham to Wembury, and includes towns such as Kingsbridge, Dartmouth, Salcombe and Modbury in addition to the spectacular coastline, estuaries and farmed countryside.



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