Ribble Life

Organisation: Ribble Rivers Trust & the Ribble Catchment Partnership
Location: RIbble Catchment
Type: Case Study

Ribble Life is a DEFRA funded pilot scheme aimed at exploring better ways to engage with people and organisations to help improve the water environment at a local catchment level. It is part of a new catchment-based approach to river basin management to help deliver the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The Ribble Rivers Trust is working in partnership with the Environment Agency to support the delivery of a holistic approach to catchment management, including the sustainable use of the catchment's rivers, as well as the habitats and species they support.

The high quality of the Ribble catchment's water resources gives it great value – as a habitat for wildlife, for drinking water, as a recreational environment, as a basis for tourism and salmon fishing, and as a central asset underpinning the local economy.

Ribble Life involves coordinating the efforts of local stakeholders (incl. local communities, farmers, public sector organisations and businesses) in the common aim of restoring habitat and water quality throughout the Ribble catchment.

The development and implementation of the Ribble Catchment Management Plan is central to the project. The Ribble catchment Action Plan will be launched by December 2012 and will be developed to guide the management of the catchment's water environment in a joined up way.

Ribble Life objectives

  • To ensure that improvements to rivers in the Ribble catchment support a healthy local economy
  • To share information and communicate effectively across the Ribble catchment
  • To work together to maintain and improve the biodiversity of the Ribble catchment
  • To reduce pollution and improve the quality of water in the Ribble catchment
  • To enhance the amenity value of the Ribble catchment.


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