The First Tweet

Organisation: Unity Trust Bank & Social Misfits Media
Location: National
Type: Help & guidance

When you look at the numbers, it’s hard to deny that social media has become a ubiquitous part of how the world does business. Ninety one percent of online adults worldwide now use some sort of social media regularly.
In the UK alone, there are 41 million Facebook users, and 10 million people on Twitter. The question of whether or not social media is important has been answered., but has social media become a critical part of how the world does good?
At Unity Trust Bank and Social Misfits Media, they engage every day with charities, social enterprises, and other organisations who they think are unmatched in their devotion to making social change. And yet, many of them are not strategically using the free tools that are available online to broaden their audiences, spread their messages and, crucially, raise more funds to support the work they do.
They surveyed 186 small- and medium-sized UK charities and social enterprises (all with an annual turnover of less than £5 million) to find out their thoughts on social media – if they felt they were using it strategically for communications and fundraising, what platforms they used and how often, and what they felt their challenges were. The results probably won’t surprise you. Generally, they found that these organisations are not using social media as efficiently, effectively, or strategically as they would like – not due to lack of desire, but rather lack of skills, time, or understanding.
Having done this research, they then created their guide, “About that First Tweet,” to help these organisations take the next step – or in some cases, the first step – on their social media journey.
In this guide you will find interviews with social media experts giving their top tips on how to best engage with the platforms they provide; real-life examples from large and small organisations on how they used social media to achieve an offline goal; a checklist of reminders; and a list of resources for further reading.


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