Desktop GIS Data Package

Organisation: The Rivers Trust
Location: National
Type: Help & guidance

The CaBA GIS Data Package is a set of over 120 data layers, which can be provided to CaBA Catchment Hosts under a license negotiated centrally with the data providers.  The layers have been symbolised to aid interpretation, and a guidance manual is available to help with an evidence-based assessment of your catchment.  Data is provided in both ESRI and MapInfo formats, with a simple map template included which can be customised with partnership logos.  CaBA host organisations can share the data package with their partners to facilitate collaborative and evidence-based catchment planning. You can download Version 4 of the guidance manual as a PDF. 

There have been three separate releases of the data package:

Phase 1

Includes: WFD 2013 surface water, ground water, TRACs status layers, WFD waterbody, operational and management catchment boundaries, WFD monitoring sites, Changes from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2 waterbodies, WFD Reasons for Failure,  Detailed River Network, SSSI, SPA, SAC, England Habitat Network, Living Landscapes, Source Protection Zones, FCRM Schemes, SuDS suitability, EU soils layers, Agricultural Land Class, Priority Habitats, National Forest Inventory, Corine Landcover, Hydrogeology, Slope, Average Annual Rainfall, NIRS category 1 & 2 pollution incidents, Consented discharges, Bathing Water Catchments, Source Apportionment GIS phosphorous model outputs, Potential fish migration barriers, Local Authority boundaires, CSF catchments, Ordnance Survey and ESRI basemapping.

Phase 2

Includes: Surface Water and Ground Water Safeguard Zones and Pressures; Catchment Abstraction Management Plan Resource Availability and Reliability; Catchment Sensitive Farming Visits Summary; Landcover Map 2007; Risk of Flooding from Rivers and the Sea; Risk of Flooding from Surface Water; NIRS category 3 & 4 pollution incidents summary; Water abstraction license by sector and volume; 

Phase 3

Includes: Riparian Shade Model (EA); WFD 2015 Cycle 2 Classifications (EA); Groundwater Safeguard Zones – Wales (NRW); WFD Cycle 2 time series (EA); Catchments draining to coastal waters (EA); Fisheries Classification Scheme 2 (EA); Soilscapes Web Mapping Service (Cranfield Uni); Barriers to fish migration (Oct 2015 Update) (EA); ADAS 2010 Model Outputs – PSYCHIC and NEAP-N (ADAS); NIRS Cat 3 and 4 Pollution Incidents to Water – Wales (NRW)

From 2016 new layers are being released on ArcGIS Online where licensing allows, so that we can get the data to you more rapidly:


Includes: Working With Natural Processes (Natural Flood Management), Coutryside Stewardship priority areas, Groundwater vulnerability and SEPERATE source apportionment model outputs

Online datapackage: Datasets are available online as national layers, attributed with your CaBA partnership ID so you can download then filter/clip the layers yourselves 

Includes: OpenWIMS Water Quality archive sampling sites, with web link to the EA water quality data archive; EA Monthly Average Orthophosphate measurements for 2015; Riverfly Partnership survey sites, with web link to the RP data archive; WFD 2015 Site Classifications (the monitoring locations used to derive the waterbody classifications); WFD Operational Catchments

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